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Empowerment & Well-Being Activities for Raising Happy & Successful Kids

Welcome to I’m a Positive Kid, where you'll find products that teach children life skills and how to have a positive, growth mindset with emotional intelligence (but, in a fun way).

Essential life skills are something we utilize for the rest of our lives, so the sooner we instill them in our children, the better. Our engaging activities can be used at home or in the elementary classroom and promote life skills such as self-awareness, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Preparing your child for the world by teaching them how to be independent, confident, and self-aware is the most positive thing you can do!

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How Choices Can Help Boost Your Child's Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

Giving children choices gives them empowerment. When they’re more empowered, they’re more self-confident. When they’re more confident, they’re better able to stand up for themselves and make good choices when faced with difficult decisions and pressure.

Why Teaching Essential Life Skills Early On Can Have an Effect on Raising a Successful, Smart, and Happy Child

It’s important to any parent that their child knows how to make good decisions. Good, healthy decisions will lead to a great and healthy life. And what parent doesn’t want that? By introducing critical thinking and decision-making at a young age, your child will become comfortable in their choices, in turn increasing their confidence and self-esteem. Then, by teaching them self-awareness and how to cope with emotions and stress, your child will have acquired some of the most important life skills they will need to use in their everyday life. Being prepared will give them a positive mindset, causing them to make positive choices.


Let Positivity City Teach Your Child Respect, Integrity, and Gratitude in Just

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"Help build a better future for your children and build better children for the future."