Halloween read alouds book cover with a witch and vampire in front of a cemetery in.

I’m sometimes sour, sometimes sweet. To get some on Halloween, say “trick or treat?!” I am? Candy! If you eat too much, you won’t feel very dandy.


In this ‘different’ kind of Halloween book for kids 3-5, you’ll follow Collin and Claire as they take you from a spider’s web for some warm apple cider to the edge of a cliff where there’s a werewolf howling at the full moon (“a-oooo”). Faced with multiple choices, your child gets to guess which object or monster they think the riddle is referring to. Only by turning the page will their fate be determined. Wonky pictures and spooky rhymes are sure to entertain and engage the young-blooded reader.


I'm a? is one of those Halloween read-alouds that never gets old. Offering not only eerie fun but important life skills like decision-making and critical thinking. In being like a game of memory, puzzle book, and quiz all in one, the child focuses and learns the process of elimination.


This is a great interactive activity for toddlers who are just finding their voice, trivia for preschoolers, or problem-solving activity for kindergarteners.


Stuffed with zombies, ghosts, and more, I'm a? provides all those warm fall feels that are perfect for storytime or bedtime…but only if you dare. Just make sure to bring your best vampire and witch voice!


*Riddles have been shown to increase a child's thinking ability, comprehension, and creativity. Rhyming aids in hearing awareness and cognitive skills development. Combining this with choices creates a fun learning experience.

I'm a? A Children's Book of Rhymes, Riddles, and Choices Halloween Edition

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  • 6x9 Hardcover Children's Halloween Read Aloud Book for Ages 3-5