Self-Awareness, Growth Mindset, Positive Thinking, Social Emotional Activity for Kids in Elementary Positivity City Poster

Positivity City is a new gratitude and growth mindset activity for kids ages 6-10. To be used at home or in the elementary classroom, it contains inspirational stories that enlighten students on a positive philosophy of life and leads them in forming an optimistic outlook.


Its 21 letters turn negative situations into positive learning experiences that encourage your child to ask themselves, "Is there a positive in this?" or "What can I learn from this?" when something disrupts their life. This will inspire their creative thinking and guide them in developing a growth mindset.


What will happen is, Captain Porter, Prince Parker, Princess Pyper, and Pae the Parrot from Positivity City will "deliver" their personal life experiences on scroll letters for 21 days or weeks. This is to develop the habit of having a positive attitude and mindset. As the characters are just a bit older and "cooler" (sorry, parents), this will speak to them in their own language, making them relate, and (let's face it) listen more (you know, that whole in one ear and out the other thing). 


Positivity City's powerful life lessons teach children

  • Emotional Intelligence and Self-Awareness
  • Pro-Social Skills, Empathy, and Kindness
  • Compassion and Social Awareness
  • Respect, Respecting Themselves and Other's Beliefs, Decisions, and Boundaries
  • Gratitude, Thankfulness, and Being Appreciative
  • Independent, Emotionally Strong, Resilient
  • Manners, Morals, and Values
  • The Power of Positive Thinking and the Law of Attraction
  • Optimism
  • Integrity
  • To Love and Accept Others
  • Forgiveness, Mindfulness and Visionary Healing 
  • To be Brave and Courageous
  • Effort and Determination
  • Self-control and Controlling Emotions
  • Coping Skills and Strategies, and Accepting Any Outcome
  • To Stay True to Themselves, Say How they Feel and Stand Up for What They Believe In 
  • To Listen to their Heart and Intuition
  • Self-Love and Acceptance
  • To Let Mistakes and Embarrassing Moments Go


The uplifting stories in this social-emotional learning activity will imply that it's natural and ok to have negative emotions, but here is a way to recognize them, learn from them, and then face them with optimism. When your child is fully able to turn their "negative" life events around, they will become emotionally healthystrong, and self-reliant.


As adults, we sometimes have to correct, fix, or even heal from things that happened to us in our childhood. By teaching your child how to cope and see the good now, you can be sure you're doing your best to negate this and raise them successfully and emotionally intelligent


After reading the scroll letter, and when your child understands the moral of the story, you will do a short assignment exercise and then place the letter on the 24x36 poster, providing them with a memorable, visual learning experience.


Positivity City is filled with the best life lessons for kidswords of wisdom, and rhyming quotes that your child can store in their back pocket for whenever they are faced with challenges. Its words of encouragement will help them overcome obstacles, make it more manageable to deal with disappointment and failure, and reduce stress when something "bad" happens. Because of this, it would be highly beneficial for children with trauma or those in need of behavioral modification, as it's meant to instill emotional awarenesshealthy coping skills, and emotional self-regulation.


If we teach our children these important life skills, they will live more healthy, successful, and meaningful lives.


And, I say, instilling the most important things we can teach our children into your child now, just about makes you the most positive parent or teacher out there. Go, you!

Positivity City...A Kid's Gratitude, Awareness, and Positive Thinking Activity

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  • Includes a 24 x 36 Poster with Clips Attached, 22 letters, Twine, and Certificate of Citizenship. 

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