Cover of rhyming stories for kids I'm a? with a boy in a detective suit, a girl, and a lion in the middle of the forest.

I have a dark side, but shine so bright, big and round, yellow at night. I’m a? Moon! I’ll circle back around all too soon. 


Filled with "what am i" riddles for kids, I’m a? is a children’s read-aloud picture book for ages 3-5 that holds an educational twist. Follow Rachel and Randy as they solve the riddles that take them from an African safari to a pasture full of cuddly sheep. Helping them choose the correct answer from the multiple-choice page feels like an exciting game, making the effort entertaining and engaging.


I’m a? is a wonderful board book for toddlers just finding their voice and problem-solving activity for kindergarteners. It prepares your child for preschool by helping to develop life skills such as decision-making and critical thinking.


We always want to do what’s best for our children, and reading is one of those things. And most kid’s books are the same every time you read them. But you’ll love getting a different reaction from your child each time with this one. You’re sure to enjoy the look of excitement on their faces as they gather the clues and solve the puzzle.


Even after they’ve memorized all the answers correctly, they will still want to continue reading it. Why? Well, because who doesn’t like being right, right? But that’s ok! Because choosing the correct answer each time will build their confidence and boost their self-esteem even more.


By helping a child to focus and use the process of elimination, I'm a? could be used as a listening or interactive activity for preschoolers, as well. And the best part is—they won’t even realize they’re learning because it’s just a fun rhyming word book! So, rest easy knowing that you’ve taught your little one something today.


*The other object and animal riddles include a bear, lion, donut, horse, and more.


**Riddles have been shown to increase a child's thinking ability, comprehension, and creativity. Rhymes aid in hearing awareness and the child's cognitive development. Combining this with multiple-choice questions creates a fun learning experience.

I'm a? A Children's Book of Rhymes, Riddles, and Choices

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  • 5.5 x 7 Rhyming Word Board Book for Toddlers and Children Ages 3-5 with What am I Riddles and Multiple-Choice.